Daily Routine Checklist

Here is a recommendation from Dr. Naomi Parrella, family doctor and lifestyle medicine physician at Rush University Medical Center. She suggests her patients make a daily checklist and try to get to all ten items every day if they can, in any order, at any time:

  1. Look outside and observe nature.
  2. Engage in a mindful moment.
  3. Make an anchoring statement and say it aloud every day.
  4. Breathe deeply, release your shoulders and smile to yourself.
  5. Hydrate and eat healthy.
  6. Learn something: read, practice a musical instrument, or learn a new word.
  7. Complete your list of tasks for the day–make it a reasonable list.
  8. Move your body.
  9. Hum, sing, or listen to music.
  10. Connect with and help others.

About norasblog

I am a psychotherapist with a private practice in downtown Chicago.
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