People Are Helping

Regardless of borders, economies, or ideologies, people everywhere are joining and helping. Scientists, doctors, nurses, paramedics, public health organizations, community social services. Look at how everyone is trying to help. We are, genuinely, a global community. Our economies are interdependent, our transportation and communication are interconnected, our physical well-being is tied to that of all of the other global citizens.

We are suddenly aware of all of the everyday life tasks and objects that we cannot easily do or have. We realize how much our lives and our well-being rely on the caregiving of the people around us. People who have educated themselves so that they can support us in our lives. People who go out of their way to make things better, safer, and healthier. People who are willing to take risks so that we are safer and more cared for.

Ordinary people are thinking up ways to help. They are delivering food, calling elderly or isolated people they know. People are trying to support workers hardest hit financially by the shut downs. Towns and villages are organizing lists of volunteers to help with what is needed. We are appreciating our friends and families, recognizing the tenuous nature of human life. We are savoring the moments of connection and the encouragement of our mentors and teachers.

Even scientists are recognizing that it is cooperation, not the struggle for survival, that promotes evolution and human well-being. People are helping because people are social creatures, and we know that our strength and our capabilities are a result of our willingness to work together to conquer challenges and take care of each other.

About norasblog

I am a psychotherapist with a private practice in downtown Chicago.
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