Advice from Bruce Perry

Dr. Bruce Perry is a specialist in trauma, particularly childhood trauma, and stress. He studies why some people are negatively impacted by adverse experiences and some people become stronger. Here is part of his advice.

“Connectedness is the key.

“Your history of connectedness is a better predictor of your health than your history of adversity.

“Be with each other. Celebrate diversity. Listen and learn from others. Share time, food, work.

“The ‘super-power’ of humankind is our capacity to connect; it is regulating, rewarding and the major “route” by which we can teach, coach, parent, heal and learn.”

You will find on his website many resources for understanding the brain, mind, and body responses to stress and how to manage them for the best possible outcomes (Neurosequential Network).

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I am a psychotherapist with a private practice in downtown Chicago.
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