The Physical and the Psychological

Okay, we all know that the mind and body affect each other and sometimes get confused. Sometimes our minds give us signals in our body and so we think we have a physical problem and sometimes our bodies give us signals in our minds and we think we have a psychological problem. It is important to figure out what needs attending to. It is fairly easy to eliminate physical causes, and it is the first step in addressing distress of any kind: See your doctor. Not for anit-depressants, but for a sleep study, vitamin D test, and blood work. Find a very very good doctor and stick with that person. Twice this week I have talked with people who have been having experiences that feel psychological but turn out to be physical.

I am not a physician, but in both situations, it just felt to me that although the “symptoms” looked psychological, there might be a physical explanation. See your doctor. Sleep disorders can affect your heart in ways that can become irreversible. This is unnecessary. Low vitamin D can give you a myriad of strange symptoms affecting your jaw, your balance, and your adrenaline, causing anxiety and other symptoms that feel psychological. And there are many other physical imbalances that can mimic psychological distress.

We have a primitive idea that if we do not go to the doctor, we will not have a physical problem. But really, we will just not know about it. And in some cases, it can do damage which we could have prevented. Our minds and bodies are fine-tuned and self healing for the most part, but like any good machine, they need oversight and maintenance. You need not figure out why you are afraid to go to the doctor, just go. Your body will thank you for it. After you have eliminated the possibility of physical imbalances, then go see your psychotherapist and delve into the recesses of your mind, coming to know yourself, learning about you and the people around you, and regulating your life in the ways you want to. It’s terrific. It’s just that first, because it is much more straightforward…and probably more urgent…see your doctor.

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I am a psychotherapist with a private practice in downtown Chicago.
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2 Responses to The Physical and the Psychological

  1. docp1 says:

    The mind and body are one. I agree that both require attention and care as they work synergistically together. Great post.

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