Emotional Capital

Sometimes people’s dreams are insufficiently capitalized with emotional energy. Why do some people go to Hollywood and fail and other people succeed? How much of it is persistence, determination, and vision and how much of it is circumstance and external limitation? Just as some people have business ideas that fail, not because they do not work hard, not because the idea is not sound, but because they run out of capital before it takes hold, our motivations need sufficient emotional energy to take shape.  In a larger sense, creating our lives is an undertaking that requires emotional capital: a willngness to exert effort, to struggle, to suffer setbacks and to keep going, a commitment to a vision, to forward motion, to growth. Not necessarily with a clear vision, or a concrete one, but with something to move toward.

Making a strong commitment to be the best version of ourselves we can build does not mean that we never change directions, never run out of steam or never get discouraged. It means that overall, we tolerate those temporary periods of difficulty and recommit ourselves when we have regrouped. We tolerate our unwanted emotions and work to amplify our emotional energy in the direction of our wanted growth. We invest our caring about our lives in the most meaningful ways so that we can satisfy our deepest yearnings for a way of being that most fully expresses our most ideal self.

Perhaps this sounds intellectualized or esoteric. In fact, most people are making choices about where they are putting their emotional capital continuously. We have one life with a finite amount of time and resources. It is our choices of where to invest those gifts that ultimately make us who we are.

About norasblog

I am a psychotherapist with a private practice in downtown Chicago.
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2 Responses to Emotional Capital

  1. George Parker says:

    Nora, thank you for this article. It’s a nice reminder that backing off, regrouping & recommitting are okay when things are not going well with some long-term goal. It takes resources to make anything happen. Sometimes people forget this. I know I do.

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